Concerts for Children and Families

Does music need to sound different for children than it does for adults? Not necessarily, but it does need to be introduced differently. LUCERNE FESTIVAL YOUNG shows that classical music isn’t something only for grownups.
Children and young people require music to be presented in vivid ways. LUCERNE FESTIVAL YOUNG uses special concert formats as well as a richly varied, age-based program aimed at young people, including the very youngest listeners. Through children’s pillow concerts, for example, where the audience is invited to sit comfortably on pillows and mattresses positioned close up to the artists and the music. Or through family performances in which all age levels get their money’s worth – from grandchildren to grandma. In addition, through Young Performance LUCERNE FESTIVAL YOUNG has established a unique platform to explore new ideas and to completely reinvent what a concert is. After all, children aren’t just the audiences of tomorrow but are already the listeners of today!

Special Offer: Bring Young Listeners to a Concert

What could be lovelier than introducing young listeners to the enchanting world of classical music?

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Young Performance

Let’s reinvent the concert! Through Young Performance LUCERNE FESTIVAL has created a production workshop of its own for innovative concert formats.


Offers for Schools

LUCERNE FESTIVAL offers additional events for kindergarten and primary school.